Monday, 3 December 2012

Head Kandy Hair Extensions Review

Blogmas Day 9

My hair has been shoulder length for as long as I can remember. It never seems to be able to grow any longer regardless of my obsession with hair growing oils and treatments.

A friend in work suggested I tried Head Kandy hair extensions to add length and volume to my hair. I don't really need any added volume, but thought they may be the way forward in terms of longer hair.

I was wary of trying hair extensions for ethical reasons, however, Head Kandy make their consumers aware that they source the hair ethically - an important factor for me.

The price of the extensions is £84.99 an I can definitely say they are worth it. The quality of the extensions is amazing.

They come packaged in a branded box with a sample hair clip attached so you can make sure they match your hair colour.

What is also great about head kandy is that they allow you to send them a picture so they can give you advice on which extension colour would suit you best.

I placed and order and recieved it the following day which is really impressive since it usually take 3-4 working days to receive online packages.

When they first arrived I brought them to my local hair salon and got them to trim the ends and layer them into my natural hair so they would blend well - Head Kandy recommends you do this though its personal preference.

As it is real hair you can use heated products on it without getting that horrible plastic smell you get from fake hair extensions. They hold a curl and look incredibly natural in my hair.

My mum didn't even realise I had extensions in which shows how natural they looked on me.

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