Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Ciaté Velvet Manicure

Blogmas Day 11

I purchased this in July and have only got round to reviewing it for you guys now.  It was an impulse buy, which resulted in me picking up the velvet instead of the caviar set in Sephora.  After my initial disappointment I decided to give the velvet set a go.

I chose the Cabaret polish as I felt it would be a wearable colour on both nails and toes.  It comes with a guide as to how to apply the polish and velvet powder.  

1 Clean nail beds
2 Apply nail polish
3 Sprinkle on some velvet dust
4 Remove excess dust with brusg
5 Repeat steps if necessary

Polish, velvet dust and a little brush are included in the kit

My Thoughts

The polish is the best part of the Ciaté set.  Its a beautiful wine purple colour that applies opaque with one coat.

The crushed velvet dust is easy to apply and comes with a shaker to limit the amount of dust that comes out.  I found it hard to apply to the side of the nail so i emptied the dust into a pot and dipped my nail in and cleaned the excess dust off with the little brush.  

If I'm completely honest I hated the velvet dust.  My nails felt like there was fluff stuck to them, and in my opinion it just looked messy.  I tried it on my toes to see if would look any better there and it just looked worse.  

Ciaté polishes are hard to beat, so Im happy that I'm still able to use the polish.

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