Monday, 3 December 2012

Chantecaille Just skin

Blogmas Day 6

I have a love/hate relationship with Chantecaille Just skin - mainly due to the price.  I bought it online after seeing Laura from Buy now blog later and Millie Mackintosh from MIC raving about it.  I got it in the shade glow to start with and although I loved the "glow" that it gave me I felt the colour was a little too dark for my skin tone, so I set it to the back of my makeup box and forgot about it.
Forward on 3 months and I decided to try it out again, I had just came back from holidays and was slightly darker than I normally am.  I got compliments on it from strangers in the street stopping me to ask what foundation I was wearing; and being surprised when I said it was actually a tinted moisturiser.  I admit I loved the compliments, and begin toying with the idea of repurchasing it in a lighter shade.
I'm not one who needs a lot of encouragement when it comes to spending money, so off I hopped to good ole Space NK and picked up the shade bliss.  It matched my skin colour perfectly and I am so happy I repurchased it.
Positives about Just Skin:
It doesn't oxidise on my skin
It provides great coverage, covering all my problem areas
It last's on my face about 6 hours without any touch ups
Cons: (there only is one)
The price - this baby will set you back a wooping £57 for a mere 50g
I should point out that Space NK offer a reward scheme, and I usually wait till I have £5 on my card before I make a big beauty purchase.
Will I repurchase this after it runs out? Yes I probably will, but then again I'm mad about makeup.

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