Thursday, 6 May 2010

Dior Extase Mascara

So it was my birthday last week and I was in desperate need of a new mascara!! I had been purchasing YSL for a while now but I found that it ran out really quickly and I was needing a new one after a month an a half. I only coat the top lashes so it really didn't last long. When I spotted this in Debenhams I thought your mine.
Below is the applicator its really big and bushy perfect for giving long lashes.
I applied my mascara at 7am and took this pic at 6pm. Not transfer onto under eye area (always a positive).

This mascara cost £21 at my local Debenhams and I'm so glad I purchased it. I'm really enjoying having long lashes with one coat of mascara instead of the usual reapplying till the desired effect is achieved.

Has anyone else purchased this mascara? What's your ultimate HG mascara?

Benefit confessions of a concealaholic

So I had been waiting for AGES for this to be released in the UK, and when I first saw it I have to say I was a little disappointed. I love benefit products and the originality of their packaging. I hadn't tried any of the benefit concealers bar erase paste so it was a good way to test out each concealer before committing to full size products.

left to right: erase paste in medium, lemon aid, eye bright, boing in dark shade, boing in lighter shade and that gal primer.
Thought it was a great idea to add a decent mirror and little labelled brushes.

overall verdict- £28.50 for 6 trial size products, this kit will last me ages as you only need a little product. The brushes make applying the make up mess free and i love the fact that when I throw this into my bag it doesn't open up and spill all over the place the magnet actually keeps it shut!(other brands take note)

Whats in my bag

Hey everyone!
so this is my first post and I thought I would start with an easy 'whats in my bag'. I'm 23 years old, just finished uni and trying to find a job in this wonderful world. So I wont ramble on here goes....
My bags from topshop I got it September 2009 and its a grey leather bag with gold hardware.
left to right: louis vuitton makeup bag, green mini leather filofax, ray bans, topshop voucher (was my birthday last week), ysl parisienne hand cream, hermes wallet, blackberry and extra mints.
inside my makeup bag we have: nude advanced eye cream, nars laguna bronzer, dove deo, dior addict gloss and a mac blush brush.