Sunday, 3 March 2013

L'oreal CC Cream

This was definitely a shopping-on-a-whim moment. I DO NOT need any more foundations or primers but of course I can't help myself. I always say I hate gimmick products but I'm usually the one who buys them.

I have good skin, I rarely get spots and if I do there so tiny you would be a magnifying glass to see them (don't hate me). I do however, have redness around my nose and cheeks. My mum has it as well so I guess it's in the genes. When I saw that the CC Cream claimed to take away redness I decided I had to try it out.

CC cream or colour correcting cream to give it, it's full title claims to provide 5 things:

Flawless coverage
Perfectly even skin texture
Fresh dewy glow
24hour hydration
SPF 12

On first application I though It was strange product as it comes out of the tube bright green but as soon as you start blending it into the skin it transforms into a foundation. I only applied it to the areas that had redness and on first impressions, it does take away the redness on my face. It's a very light weight product, maybe even a little oily so I don't know how I would feel applying this as just my base.

It's still early days with this product but I will continue to use it as I do think it makes a difference to my areas of concern. Redness is something I will always have but anything that can help to even out my skin will definitely be staying in my makeup bag.

Well done L'oreal.

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