Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Lush Cosmetic Saviours

I'm just back from Florida, and I wanted to share some amazing Lush products that came to my aid after a nasty burn to the face.  I know getting burnt is really silly as I should have had a higher factor on but I really thought I would have been ok with my usual SPF 8.

When I got out of the shower I soon realised (to my horror) that I was bright red and no amount of makeup was going to camoflage my silly burnt face.  I explained to the Lush assistant that I wanted to get something that would prevent me from peeling while soothing my skin at the same time.  She immediately knew which product to get me (I guess she has a lot of silly burnt tourists) BB Seaweed face mask.

The mask claims to reduce redness, while cooling and calming the skin at the same time.  I put this on as soon as I came home and I can personally promise you this stuff WORKS.  My skin immediately felt cooler and when I woke the next morning I didn't look burnt.

The dream moisturiser was so cooling on the skin, it sunk straight in and hydrated without leaving a greasy feel to the face.

I used the Aqua Marine Seaweed roll last night, and while I thought it was a good face mask, it didn't compare to the BB Seaweed mask.  I personally found it to strong for my skin, and didn't think it left my skin as fresh as the other mask.  

The tub on the left is Dream Moisturiser and on the right Aqua Marina Seaweed Roll
The soap is only available in the USA and smells absolutely divine.  I think it's a bit ridiculous I had to purchase the tin separately considering the price of the soap, however, it was necessary to keep the soap fresh.

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