Tuesday, 13 May 2014

What to carry in your little clear bag

For me the hardest bit about packing for a short trip is deciding which beauty products make it into my little clear bag. 

I have so many favourites that I use on a daily basis that it was hard to narrow it down to the bare minimum. When I was in boots recently I spotted some clear bags in the travel section, along with some pots which you could use to carry liquids in. 

I managed to fit all this into the little pots. Loads isn't it.

Here's a rundown of whats inside. 
Pot 1 - Bobbi Brown skin finish foundation.
Pot 2 -  The Sanctuary hot polish cleanser
Pot 3 - more cleanser
Pot 4 - Bumble&Bumble colour minded conditioner
Pot 5 - Origins ginzing moisturiser

The bottle has Bumble&Bumble colour minded shampoo in it and the two grey pods contain Origins clay masks.

My travelo has Chanel chance in it and I also managed to squeeze in Nars lip pencil in orgasm.

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