Sunday, 30 June 2013

25 facts about me

1. I have an obsession with handbags, designer to be precise - Prada your next ;)

2. I worry about everything. Work, family, my dog, absolutely everything. 

3. I can't stand bad breath, I always carry mints and gum.

4. I still don't know what I'm doing with my life. I graduated with a degree in history hoping to teach but after working in a school for two years I decided it definitely wasn't for me.

5. I can't watch scary films, I cry when someone gets hurt and shout at the hubby for making me watch it.

6. I own about 50 bottles of foundation and still haven't found my holy grail.

7. I love the idea of high heels but prefer to be dressed down in converse.

8. My black leather jacket from river island is the most worn item in my wardrobe.

9. I joined the gym 3 months ago and have only went to it twice.

10. I failed my driving test 4 times and luckily passed it the week before my theory ran out.

11. I love dogs, especially my beautiful lab Diesel.

12. I first got into reading blogs during my 3rd year at uni. Laura aka lollipop26  back in the day was a daily read.

13. I love bread, If I had to choose one thing to live on for the rest of my life it would be Veda.

14. I prefer crisps over chocolate.

15. I adore watching the Kardashians just so I can look at their makeup and handbags.

16. I have to have my nails done or else I don't feel tidy.

17. I must sleep on the left side of the bed, and turn at least 5 times before I can fall asleep.

18. I'm double jointed.

19. I couldn't ride a bike without stabilisers until I was 9.

20. I can't swim. My mum took me to lessons when I was in primary school but I walked across the pool the whole time.

21. I hate taxis and refuse to ever get in one. 

22. There's only 5 people in the world that I fully trust.

23. I can't stand people who have no manners. It isn't hard to say please and thank you.

24. I hate jealousy. Be happy for other people's blessings, it's healthier than spending your time being jealous.

25. I spend half my day thinking about moving to America. It's a dream of my husbands too, so we definitely plan on making it happen soon.

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  1. Im so with you on most of these, especially the top four ;) .. Oh my how amazing would it be to live in america :) xx