Tuesday, 2 July 2013

St Moritz - instant self tanner

As a fake tan addict I was excited to try St Moritz. A supposed dupe of St Tropez, I was interested to see if it lived up the hype. 

It cost a mere £3 opposed to St Tropez £25. I wasn't going to be too annoyed if it didn't work out as I wasn't forking out a lot of money.

I bought it in the shade medium which I thought would be a perfect match for my skin tone. At the moment I'm very pale, my poor legs haven't seen sun since last July, and were in dire need of a touch of colour.

 When you first squeeze the product out of the bottle you will notice how thick and sticky it feels. Don't be alarmed by this, I found it very easy to blend, and the sticky/tacky feel quickly didn't last long.


I applied one layer to my right leg. You will see it just gives my leg a golden glow. It's only a couple of shades darker than my left leg and looks very natural. 

What I love about this tan - (apart from the price of course), is that it is so easy to work with and looks great all over the body including my face. It gives a perfect all over glow that I sometimes think I don't get from St Tropez.

If your on the market for an instant tan, I would definitely recommend giving this a try. I bought mine in Tesco's. Why not throw it in your trolly as a Friday treat when you pick up the groceries?

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