Monday, 13 June 2011

A mini splurge

For as long as I can remember I have been a huge fan of all things mulberry. There such an iconic English brand, simple in detail but still have that wow factor.

Like all girls I'm obsessed with bags and am always searching for my holy grail crook of the arm winner. Haha.

I always thought the Bayswater was the big girls bag and not for me, I turned my attention to the alexa until I saw them in person that is.

I knew the alexa was a splody leather but I never imagined it to feel the way it did. From a distance it looks gorgeous, structured with a quirky twist. But as soon as I touched it I was turned off. It's just too soft, so soft that it feels cheap to me. I wish it came in the same leather as the Bayswater.

After my disappointment I shuffled on round the shop and lifted the big girls bag off the shelf. Wow wow wow instant love.

The saving began and the rest is history.

Meet by beautiful arm candy :)

Mulberry are celebrating their 40th anniversary hence the big 40.

The bag is so deep inside and can be let out at the sides to make it even bigger.

Feeble attempt at a half body pose.

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