Monday, 13 June 2011

Dior glow

So recently everyones been talking about Dior skin nude glow in Aurora. Its one of those products that I was in two minds about trying. I'm currently loving hoola by benefit so why change when that's working! Of course when I tried 3 different department stores and found they were all out the hunt began. Why is it you always want what you can't have.

Anyway I live quite near a debenhams that wouldn't be overly popular to visit so I tried there an score they had some in stock.

It comes in the usual navy pouch which I personally throw away instantly, I just don't see the point.

Here is the luscious compact in all it's glory. It's one of those compacts that makes you want to touch up your makeup in public-sad but true.

Anyways onto what it looks like inside. It has all the makings of a great summer bronzer, silky to touch, slightly shimmery and not overly orange looking. How wrong was I, this is so orange on I was just completely disappointed. It's definitely not a contour bronzer, it's too streaky and fake looking. I think the only way I may use this up is to either wear it as a blusher or give it to my mum and hope she might like it.

Even in the picture it looks orange what on earth was I thinking.

Next up is a Dior product I can't rave enough about.

I saw this highlighter on a few blogs recently and like the above I bought it without trying. Im so happy with this product I honestly urge everyone to go out and buy this immediately. It's the most amazing highlighter I have ever owned.

Initially I thought is it just bobbi browns shimmer brick (not a fan of those even though I own them all) but it's so not. It's not shimmery, and doesn't make me look like a disco ball. Bonus

This is the side I tend to use the most. I love the pearl and light golden mixed together.

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