Monday, 13 June 2011

A little pot of magic and it's friends

You put your makeup on at 7am and want it to stay in place all day. There are so many products out there that say they will do that. Over the years I have wasted so much money on lotions and potions trying to make my makeup last and they never worked (big shock I know).

Well I think I have finally found those products that will keep my makeup in place. Let me introduce you to my little pot of magic & co.

It's a fantastic transparent finishing powder that really does keep my t-zone oil Free and my foundation stay put. I usually apply it after I put my foundation on then again when I have my bronzer and blush on.

Lastly to set my makeup I spray fix + three times all over my face to keep my makeup in place.

Below is the strobe cream. It's a great foundation base that really makes the foundation glow and stay put through a busy day.

Here we have the prep&prime skin base. The reason I bought this was because they had ran out of strobe cream and the MA recommended this as the next best thing. I really don't find it that useful, it doesn't help my makeup last and doesn't give skin that silky feel that so many other primers do.

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