Sunday, 3 June 2012

Nicky Clarke Heated Rollers

I adore Anna Lynne McCord from 90210.  Her hair is absolutely gorgeous, big bouncy curls full of volume. When shopping in Tesco I spotted the Nicky Clarke heated rollers and got especially excited when I noticed they were only £20.  

It was an impulse buy I'm glad I made.  The rollers come in a round travel case which make them perfect for taking on holidays.  The case is lightweigt and small enough to fit in your suitcase.  It opens up in two, the red rollers are small I put them on the bottom half of my hair focusing the large black rollers around the crown area.

They heat up very quickly, what I tend to do is turn the rollers on go away and apply my makeup and when I'm finished the rollers are hot enough for my hair.  To achieve my desired curl I leave them in for 20 minutes.

When I take the rollers out I'm left with big curls, to achieve more volume I put my head upside down spray some hairspray and run my fingers through it.  The two looks below is what I am left with.

You can buy Nicky Clarke rollers HERE


  1. OMG heated rollers are the best. I heart them for my short layers and giving my limp hair some oomph.

    These look great on your bob! Does it take you long to do them?
    S xx

  2. Hey Sara! let them heat for 15 mins, and left them in my hair for 20 mins. They're great for £20. So easy to put it and take out as well, and I'm not great with fiddly things. X

  3. Mad looking to try heated rollers but my hairs so long - do you think they'd be up to the job chick??? xx