Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Bambi Eyes

I adore long eye lashes, after handbags there the first thing I notice on a person.  so when a friend informed me that she gets individual eyelashes I knew I had to give it a try.  

As you can see there long and thick and I absolutely love them.  There comfortable on my eyes and didn't annoy me when I was wearing my glasses.  Putting eye makeup on was tricky, as there so long its hard to get eye liner on the top lash line.  This isn't a major issue for me but it may annoy some people.  

The eyelashes lasted me 2 weeks and in that time very few fell out.  I was really pleased with them and would definitely get them again for a special occasion.  The reason I wont be continuing with eyelash refills is the damage they do to your eyelashes.  When I removed the fake lashes my eyelashes were weak and sparse, I can only imagine what they would be like if I continued with the refills.  

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