Thursday, 30 December 2010

Skin care routine

My essential winter skin kit!

During winter skin can get tight and dry, I have been using the above products to keep my skin cleansed, moisturised and hopefully glowing!!
First product essential is

I usually use clarins cotton cleansing milk, but while browsing through boots I found this on offer so thought why not! It's for dry and sensitive skin, and advertises itself as being an 'effective makeup remover that's gentle on the skin'. I definitely agree it's a fantastic remover, and works well at removing even full coverage foundations such as double wear. I usually use my eve lom Muslim cloth from space nk to remove with.

After cleansing my skin I like to use a toner such as:

This clarins cleanser contains camomile and is very soothing on my skin. I love the way it sinks into my skin and doesn't make it feel tight.

I bought this eye cream after watching a video by lollipop26. I get dark circles under my eyes and this cream definitely helps to keep them at bay. It's a light cream and doesn't agitate my eyes. It reduces puffiness and keeps the under eye area well moisturised as well as being a great base for stopping my concealer from caking.

Lastly I moisturise with:

A thick creamy moisturiser that sinks straight into the skin. I love that although it's a thick cream it doesn't leave my t-zone oily or greasy. When moisturising I like to focus mainly on my t-zone as this is were my skin is most dry.

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